Reportedly, the United States administration is considering extending its attacks on Chinese companies by blacklisting China’s largest surveillance equipment manufacturer Hikvision. If so, Hikvision — which has about 20 percent of the global market share and has been the leading player in the industry for seven consecutive years — will become the fourth Chinese company Wa shington has targeted after the telecommunications companies ZTE and Huawei, and drone maker DJI. Unlike the previous three companies, which the US administrat ion has justified the attacks on with the excuse 2019/05/22/shangjianxiachuicn-3/it is protecting national security, the premise for setting its sights on Hikvision, which serves customers inRead More →

alaya Expedition Co, by Thursday morning, 12 climbers from the company and 21 mou ntaineering guides successfully reached the summit of the mountain from the northern slope. Tsering Samdrub, general manger of the company, said with significa nt training long for 43 days, 12 Chinese climbers made it to the summit. “The weather on Thursday was so nice. Thanks to this, the climbers were all in very good condition,” said Tsering Samdrub, commander-in-chief of ongoing spring climbing. “Hampered by weather factors this year, the final climbing period to the summit was later than the previous year, and clim bers from different countries all take thisRead More →

a’s photovoltaic products. Export value to Vietnam rose 239 times to $739 million in the fi rst quarter, taking up 16.8 percent of China’s total photovoltaic export value. With the European Union ending its anti-dumping and anti-subsidy meas ures, photovoltaic exports from China to Europe also saw large increase in Q1. The country’s photovoltaic products export volume to the Netherlands and Spain increased 1,049.6 percent and 158.3 perc ent, respectively, in the first quarter, said the report. It predicted that the emerging markets, such as Mexico, Aus tralia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates will further boost the export of China’s photovoltaic modules. The exportRead More →

hina rolled off the production line a prototype magnetic-levitation train with a designed maxim um speed of 600 kilometers per hour in Qingdao on Thursday, filling the gap in travel speed bet ween aviation and high-speed rail passenger transport in the country, according to its manufacturer. Launched in July 2016, the train is designed and manufactured in CRRC Qingdao Sifan g Co Ltd in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province. The company is a wholly owned su bsidiary of Beijing-headquartered China Railway Rolling Stock Corp, the largest rolling stock manufacturer in the world. The debut of the country’s first high-speed maglev train testingRead More →

nd for decades and witnessed local farmers’ continuous battles against sandstorms. “It didn’t just feel like a black storm, it was as if the whole desert was approachi ng,” recalls Liu Conghui, a writer who was born, and still lives, near the farm Wang once worked. As the menacing sandstorms made the area increasingly inhospitable, Liu’s whole community planned to up sticks. To restore the local ecosystem, the Chinese government launched a 10.7 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) project in 2001. A set of measures were adopted such as sav ing water, converting farmland into grassland, providing treatment for dry riverways and building dams. In additionRead More →

uawei’s chips. Only with its cooperation is it possible for Huawei to have a Plan B in stocking in-house processors in order to offset fallout from the US ban on its access to US chips,” Xiang said. He said the move by Panasonic also showcases that the Japanes e tech company is not willing to surrender to political pressure from Washington, after ear lier reports that it had stopped shipments of certain components to Huawei. The firm bought $6.3 billion wort h of products including batteries and electronic components from Panasonic in 2018, according to Nikkei Asian Review. United Kingdom-based mobile operator EE said onRead More →

 independent enrollment of students with special talents. Independent enrollment was added as an admission alternative a decade ago to allow some key uni versities to enroll students they choose fit. Tests of academic competence and interviews are usually required. However, the rise of fraud cases in independent enrollment in re cent years has tainted the practice’s reputation and caught the authorities’ attention. Huawei Technologies Co is securing support from some key suppliers and custome rs amid the announced United States government restrictions on the Chinese telecom giant. Panasonic Corp said on its China website on Thursday that it is continui ng to supply components toRead More →

working at the State Department to make sure that everyone understands the risks.” “Recently, some US politicians have repeatedly made rumors about Huawei but canno t provide any evidence that other countries have requested,” Lu told a daily news conference. He noted that the US public is having more and more doubts over the market turbulen ce and undermined industrial cooperation caused by the trade war and technology war initiated by the US. “So some US politicians have continually created rumors, tr ying to mislead the public and stir up ideological opposition, which is illogical,” Lu said. Ideological differences do not necessarily impede tra de,Read More →

President Xi Jinping encouraged the Chinese people to be prepared for a new Long March to ward national rejuvenation during a visit to a revolutionary base in Jiangxi province on Monday. “We came here to the starting point of the Long March to exper ience the situation of the Red Army’s departure during those years. Now there is a new Long March, and we should make a new start,” Xi said at a memorial park in Yudu county, Ganzhou. The Long March covered over 12,500 kilometers from October 1934 to October 1936. It was a military maneuver carried out by the Red Army and ledRead More →

cted to bolster domestic demand, partially offsetting the adverse impact of trade tariffs on overall growth,” the report said. The US recently signaled its intention to impose additional tariffs on the European Union, primarily targeted at the aircraft and food industries. It is in addition to the imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs that are already in place. Amid unresolved trade disputes and higher tariffs, the projected growth of world tra de has been revised downwards to 2.7 percent in 2019, slowing markedly from 3.4 percent in 2018. The report warns that “the impact of a spiral of additional tariffs and retalia tions would notRead More →